07 Mar 03/08/2018

CrossFit Tamiami – CrossFit

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

40 Min AMRAP 3 Partners

Relay Style Follow The Leader Complete AMRAP Wall Balls

200 Meter Run

50 Meter Sled Push @95#/65#

AMRAP Wall Balls @20#/14#

***1 partner will start only, they will run and push sled, once sled is complete (50 Meters) P1 will tag partner 2 to then start the run while P1 starts to work on AMRAP of Wall Balls. When P2 completes the run and the sled P2 will tag partner 3 to start the run. Then P2 will tag P1 to stop wall Balls and P2 will take over the count! P1 will then rest until P3 finishes the run and sled then P1 continues to repeat Process.

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